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Math to fit your personal style
and unique students.

Study Time

...Learn and Appreciate Math Concepts as they were ordered by the Creator.

Grade 1 / 1st Grade Spunky Math

Use these consumable, simple, and uncluttered math workbooks on their own or as extra practice work with another program. Your child gains a solid foundation of each new concept before moving on, without being inundated and confused with yet more. First Grade consists of two – 200 page consumable workbooks. In each your child will learn the usual adding, subtracting, filling in missing numbers, counting money, skip counting and more. These are great books that will give your child a solid foundation.

• There is no religious content in these books.
• Coins used in math questions are US coins.

Spunky Grade 1 Teacher
• 352 pages, paperback
• shows the student workbook pages with the answers
• gives additional teaching suggestions
• Covers both student workbooks
Learning Numbers with Spunky Book 1-1
• 240 pages, paperback workbook
• 85 Lessons
• Concepts taught include: Numbers 0 to 300; 1 to 5 Addition and Subtract Families; Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes; Ones and Tens Place Value; Telling time by the half hour
Learning More Numbers with Spunky Book 1-2
• 240 pages, paperback workbook
• 85 Lessons
• Concepts taught include: Numbers 300 to 999; 6 to 10 Addition and Subtract Families; Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, adding change; Telling time by 5 minute increments; Counting by 2, 5, 10, and 25; Adding 2 digit numbers without carrying; Measuring Inches, Fractions: 1/2

Optional Items

Spunky Grade 1 Arithmetic Test
• 6 two page tests
• tests cover both Book 1-1 and Book 1-2
• Not referred to in the Teacher's Guide
Spunky Grade 1 & 2 Arithmetic Tests Answer key
• Provides the answers for the tests for 1st and 2nd grade
Flashcards - Numbers
• 124 cards, 4" × 5.5"
• Numbers 0 to 9 with a box below showing the corresponding number of dots
• random numbers from each decade from 10 to 1000
• Two numbers per card, with only one being right side up so it is easy to know which number you are using
• Can be used for practicing number recognition and teaching after, before, between, more, and less •: NOTE: Orders containing flash cards do not qualify for Media Mail in the USA.